Imports from China

  • Imports from China
  • Imports from China
  • Imports from China

The Chinese market is a large,comprehensive and constantly evolving.The prices offered by Chinese suppliers are really low,something vital to the profitability of your business. Considering the great importance of imports of goods from China for a local companies , we went to the market with an offer that satisfies all the requirements of our clients.Services covering export and import procedures , including transport from all major ports in China, especially in Guangzhou and Ningbo, in whose region is one of the largest and most diversified manufacturing industry , where it is the largest market offer .We offer our clients a complete range of procurement and import from the moment when the target product is sourcing on the market to its imports and deliveries in their storages.Every of the stage can be provided by us, and client may also choose to take some of them to do on their own .

Yours is to contact us regarding a specific product and our representatives in China will soon find the same in the market at affordable and competitive prices . Our company provides superior service of groupage (LCL) shipments, for the less consignment that does not occupy the entire cargo area. Benefits of groupage transport of goods are: Fast delivery, Up to 30 percent lower transport costs, Full control consignment during transport ,There is no minimum of goods that can be transported .Why choose Promenter International

1. experience - years of experience in importing from China
2. Network - Our network of experienced professionals to select the most suitable products
3. Focus -support your business growth and development

If you are interested in importing from China , please contact us and allow us to prove that we can be your most reliable partner.